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One-on-One Private Dance Lessons

Ready  to Experience your First 1:1 Lesson?

One-on-One private lessons give you an advantage over any other method of learning and are rated by professionals and dance experts as making the most difference in their fast rate of learning.


Private 1on1 Lessons are best for dancers who:


* Want to make fast progress in a short period of time

* Want a dedicated partner to learn and practice with

* Want flexibility in schedule (days/afternoons/weekends)

* Learn best at faster/slower rate than a group class

* Want specific guidance on their styling, timing and presentation

* Want to ultimately perform or compete and need to polish their dancing


Whether you are working toward becoming a wonderful social dancer, performer or dance competitor, our professional dance instructors can guide your learning at a speed and style that is most conducive to optimal progress for you.

Contact us at 416-878-3262 for more information and to schedule your first class!

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