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Performance Teams

Ready  to Experience your First Team?

If you are interested in auditioning for one of our performing teams or have questions about booking one of our teams for your private or corporate events, please contact us at 416-878-3262.

I've been in intermediate advanced classes for years now - what else is there?

This is a question that eventually pops up in the mind of a dancer after a few years of coming out to classes and social dancing. How do you continue to grow and develop in dance? What other levels beyond intermediate and advanced are there?

The GOOD news is

There are endless paths to development and growth in our chosen Latin dance industry! 

You've mastered the basics and now want more. As you grow and become more confident in your skills you will need new milestones to reach so that your dancing does not become stagnant. It's not about just social dancing at the end of the weekend but more so sharing your passion through a stage performance or competition.

Enters Performance Programs

These new levels mean developing new skills like faster footwork/partner work and transitions, performer lead/following technique, tricks, flips and lifts. Stage presence, musical expression, storytelling, creating chemistry on stage and much much more.

Entry level in this program is best for dancers with at least 3+ years of social dancing experience and requires an audition where you will be asked to learn a short routine and perform it for the rest of the attending dancers. The feedback  you get alone is invaluable to your continued growth. 

Where would I perform?

We have performed for many socials, clubs, congresses, conventions, festivals, contests and private and corporate events.

Some of the teams that shared their amazing performances are:

* Cuban Team

* Bachata Team

* Salsa NY On2 Team

* Bachata Ladies Team

* Ladies Latin Sass Team

* On2 Iroko World Project Ladies Team

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