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Group Dance Classes

Ready  to Book your First Group Class?

Check out our 1:1 Private Lessons, starter program Vívelo Package (Live it up) or view a special offer for new students. If you have questions, please contact us.

Be Social

The best part of dancing is always the social interactions, keeping the learning atmosphere fun and educational is our main goal. All of our group classes are designed to help you learn and reinforce fundamental steps and figures. Learning to dance "as" a group and "in" a group further develops your dance skills and grows your confidence.

Check out our student monthly package in our Group Dance Class Programs.


We also encourage you to attend our Social Dance events and parties where you can further practice what you've learned. We hold our motto dear to our heart as it reflects our company beliefs: "Take A Class. Learn To Dance. Make New Friends"

To sum up, our group classes are a wonderful supplement to our One-on-One dance lessons.

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