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Confetti Show at the Wedding

Wedding Dance

Ready  to Experience your First Dance Design Consultation?

To get started on the design of your First Dance and begin planning the most exciting dance of your wedding, please contact us at 416-878-3262 or by clicking the button above and we will work with you to create the routine that all your guests will talk about for months!

Make it Uniquely YOURS

Your wedding dance should be unique and special, perhaps outrageous, irreverent, classy, fun or understated. Most importantly, it should reflect you. We are here to help you choose your music, personally choreograph your exclusive dance, and teach you to perform it with confidence. We've created our very own "First Dance Design" program that creates a blueprint design of what you will need for an unforgettable

The Special Mom or Dad Dance

Surprise your mom or dad by gifting them a few wedding dance lessons to say “thank you” for all the wonderful work they did to bring you up to this happiest day of your life. They are probably already missing you, since very soon you will be on your way to “building your own nest.” This is a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your parent before the wedding by taking a few dance lessons together and maybe even learning a cool routine which you can show off on your wedding day.

Wedding Party Flash Mob Dance

Want to shake things up a bit and make your wedding really make an impression? Turn your wedding party into a Flash Mob Dance Extravaganza! Whether it’s the bride and groom’s dance, the groom’s dance with mom, or dad’s dance with the bride, Abanico Latin Dance Academy can choreograph an individual dance or dances for the entire bridal party, make it super fun and unique, and give yourself great photo/video footage to keep!

young handsome groom in black suit dance with his beautiful brunette bride in white weddin
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Men dance flashmob.JPG
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