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With our Latin Heels Class, it's a girlfriends wonderland!

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Sexy in 'Lettos

What is a Sexy In 'Lettos - Beginner Heels Class?

One of the most transformative classes Beginner Heels Class in Toronto & Etobicoke!

Enjoy the mix of Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pop, Reggaeton, Funk and the rich fussion of moves and rhythms performed in your sexiest heels! Dancing in heels requires technique and flair so we have a dedicated every class to work on balance, flexibility, posture and grace while developing both dance moves and floor work.


Why Heels?

This class aims to release the every-day pressure from mind and body by giving you a 'Love Yourself' hour. In this hour you get to enjoy your feminity and can feel free to become as sexy and saucy as you like - No expectations, no pressure, no BS. You will build confidence and be empowered in a safe and fun place to just be yourself! Create and express new moves with your 'Ladies Tribe', many hair flipping, arm waving and hip snapping await you! 

You'll be able to enjoy every single song in a dancefloor while in high heels. Fun and sexy choreographies for all shapes and sizes.


RECOMMENDED FOR THOSE 18+ We ask that minors wanting to take the class receive parental permission prior signing up.


What level are the classes?

These classes are Open Level, which means it’s catered to ladies who have never danced in heels, beginners to seasoned dancers starting on a new genre of dance.  Every class is filled with challenges from the great warm up to the extensions and putting it to the beat.  No minute is wasted you work and look great in the end!

Classes are made to be of gradual progression so you are welcomed to use your indoor flat shoes or smooth running shoes and graduate to heels in time.  Feel comfortable and confident at every step.

What do I wear to class?

Most ladies wear sportswear, stretchy pants and a short sleeve shirt or tank top because – Yes, you will sweat!  :)

Where do I go from here?

This is the best news! As you progress you can go as high and as wide as you like. Abanico Dance aims to provide every dancer with the next dance challenge as they progress. Beginner Heels class prepares you for Intermediate then Advanced Heels classes as well as our popular Latin Heels on Fridays at 7pm where you let the best of Latin artists such as Maluma, Nicky Jam and on and on...

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