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Meet Andrew Gray

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Dance Instructor, Performer  & Choreographer

Born and raised in the melting pot also known as Toronto, Canada, Andrew Gray always had an affinity connecting to many cultures.


Being of Jamaican background he is attuned with the sounds of the islands. Some would say it was destiny he would gravitate toward Salsa, Bachata and other Latin social dance styles that had Caribbean origins.


Exposed to Salsa in 2008 when he was invited to a Salsa class, he was hooked after taking his first basic steps. Since then Andrew has honed in his dance skills and taken his dancing to the next level by performing and training with groups such as Latin Energy (amateur level) Latin Groove (amateur level), City Dance Corps (semi-pro level) and Araguacu Latin Dance Co. (pro level).


Never limiting himself to only social dancing and performing, Andrew was given the opportunity to be a lead instructor at Salsa Club at York for 4 years.

Andrew has taught beginner, intermediate and advanced classes and in everyone of them there are always two or more students that have progressed in such a dramatic way that is astounding. They share that it is due to the incredibly detailed and methodical instruction. Finding great joy in his experience teaching, Andrew hopes to lend his expertise to all who are chosen by Latin dance and vice versa.

Along with fellow Salsero/Bachatero Lee, Andrew is one of the organizers of one of Toronto's most entertaining and highly sought after socials called Midday-Fix, many incredible dancers and instructors go to practice and enjoy amazing Salsa, Bachata, Cha-Cha-Cha tunes. This is where Abanico dancers have spent many a Saturday afternoon socializing and practicing their moves and where a few performance groups got their first showcase opportunities.

Never to stay behind and always in the "know", Andrew also runs the Savage Sunday podcast where he tackles many important Toronto dance scene related topics among others.

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