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Latin Hip Hop


What is a Hip Hop Class?


Hip-Hop is a name given to a cultural movement that has four elements: deejaying/turntabling, rapping, graffity painting, breakdancing and B-boying. B-boying includes the Hip-Hop dance, style and atttiude. Hip-hop originated in the depressed section in South Bronx in New York City in the late 70s. Now sometimes called the "Dance of Today", Hip Hop dacing fuses many styles of dance.


This class focuses on foundation movements or "grooves" , these become combinations that link all movements together in a mesh of fun and energetic routines.  We explore musicality - this means movements that correspond to sounds in the music other than the beat. some movements will be acting out lyrics, a sound effect or even a cut in the music. 

Why Hip Hop?

Benefits such as building cardiovascular strength in other words "Stamina" because of the continuous pace of the dance, building musical appreciation and ear training, develops sharpness and quickness of step, spacial awareness, builds confidence and an ability to express oneself through movement.

Both young and old dancers, enjoy hip hop music because it speaks to everyone at any age or social status. Unlike classical dance  styles that are limited to age and body type, hip hop can be performed by anyone at any age who wants to learn.  This dance is said to bring the "joyfulness of your soul" in every step :)  The dance is also so versatile that it can be enjoyed on stage for a grand performance or in a club with friends.


Today, almost everyone has seen some form of hip hop dance, whether it be in real life or on television. The dance’s use of music makes it fun to watch and perform as it can captivate audiences with its mixture of sharp and fluid movements. These reasons have led it to be one of the most popular dance form that exists today.



What level are the classes?

These classes are Open/Beginner Level, which means it’s catered to students who have never danced before, also beginners and returning students who want to review the basics.

What do I wear to class?

Dance wear: Many dancers wear tight spandex pants, others prefer baggy pants and yet others just wear jeans or jean shorts either way it's more important that you feel comfortable moving in every direction as there are many moves to master.

Try making big movements in the clothes that you'd like to use in class first to see how stretchy they are and then decide.

For tops a simple t-shirt, short or long sleeve will do.

Dance Shoes: You can wear indoor running shoes or jazz dance shoes. Please remember all outdoor shoes need to stay outside of the studio.
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