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Karen Rodriguez founded Abanico Dance and Entertainment as a labour of love in 2005 and has enjoyed helping many students achieve the confidence to come out on the dance floor, enjoy Latin dancing or participate in a wonderful dance performance either at a festival or private event. Many looked to share in the joy of the music in social settings and a few to reach the goal of performing on stage to express their love of Latin music and dance to an audience.  We have cherished memories of dancers who said "I have two left feet, I'll never get there!" and after some time showing them that it just isn't so. As a certified Zumba instructor,  Salsa Tots teacher and Huracan Canada Performance coach, Karen has helped many beginners both children, teens and adults move through the different levels of dance by personalizing their dance instruction.


We take great care in forming great partnerships in the Latin dance community and every effort is made to continue to pass along this beautiful art form for many generations to come; we accomplish this by provinding every class with a strong team of instructors, coaches and trainers who not only dance professionaly but perform and/or compete and look out for their students individualized needs. 


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