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Benefits of Dance

Ready  to Book your Free First One-on-One Lesson?

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There are several advantages to one-on-one private lessons, they are rated by many dance experts as the most direct and effective way to achieve your dance goals.


Learning is Unique

A creative pursuit like dance is a unique and personal experience determined by our lifestyle,  our world views, goals and challenges. Even the schedules that we keep in our life have an impact on the success or failure in our achievements. It is for this reason that a one-on-one lesson can be compared to the difference between buying a suit off the rack at The Bay versus  having a suit tailored made by a professional.


In a private lesson your teacher can tailor each class to your learning style, provide a methodology at exactly the pace that challenges you and inspires you to persevere. This in tern helps you reach your goals sooner and provides a vibrant and enchanting experience as you learn.

Whether you are working toward becoming a wonderful social dancer, performer or dance competitor, our professional dance instructors can guide your learning at a speed and style that is most conducive to optimal progress for you.

Check out the three most popular packages in our One-on-One Private lesson Programs.

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  • One-on-One Private Lessons

  • Group Dance Classes

  • Wedding Dance Lessons


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