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Originally dance acrobatics was just considered tumbling, however over time it has developed into a dance discipline of its own. Today partner dance lifts which require acrobatics also referred to as acro in short, is an asset to develop for dancer wanting to go into performance and professional showcases.


Dance lifts focus on body control and tricks that defy the centre of gravity and require dancers to train their bodies to withstand the impact of the hard floor safely. For this to happen, dancers must learn how to lift their body enough to execute their lifts and tricks, and land in graceful line movement with fluidity so as to seamlessly incorporate them into a choreography without stopping in between. 

Matti and Mark_lifts.JPG

In this class, we instruct first level acrobatic partner dance lift skills and blend them into elegant dance moves. The class includes a technique warmup, flexibility training followed by acrobatic skill development, and incorporate it into dance choreography. Skill progression is advanced based on each individual student.


Note: Lifts should not be done socially by untrained social dancers, followers can injure themselves as well as others around them.


These clips show Adagio dance lifts being done in the early days and what it looks like today by professional performers.

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